Advocacy & Accountability

Accountability is a central principle of the E8’s ambitious goal to eliminate malaria by 2030. The actions and decisions that are made in one country will have an impact on trends in other parts of the region, given the connected catchment areas that occur across borders.

Ministers of Health of the E8 countries form the E8 Ministerial Committee, which is designed to elevate malaria elimination as a national and regional priority. Attainment of malaria elimination requires bold and decisive policy action in order to prioritize national resources, to engage in diplomatic negotiation and negotiate terms of data-sharing with neighbouring countries, and to fast-track the introduction of innovative and progressive technologies that will make malaria elimination possible. The E8 Ministerial Committee – chaired by Hon. Sibgongile Ndlela Simelane of Swaziland by the Minister of each of the member states on a rotating basis – advocates for technical policy changes in their countries as well as among the global network of malaria partners.