1. The SADC Malaria Elimination Eight Secretariat (E8 Secretariat) is inviting Individual Consultants/Contractors to submit their CV and Financial Proposal for the following services:

Grant proposal development for submission to the global fund to motivate for funds for implementing activities for the regional malaria elimination initiative in the SADC E8 countries

The Terms of Reference defining the minimum technical requirements for these services are attached as Annex 1 to this Request for Proposal.

2. Consultants/Contractors are eligible for this assignment provided that they fulfil the following eligibility criteria:
   a) they are not bankrupt or being wound up, are having their affairs administered by the courts, have entered into arrangements with creditors, have suspended business activities, are being subject of proceedings concerning those matters, or are being in any similar situations arising from similar procedures provided for in the national legislation or regulations of the SADC member states;
   b) they have not been convicted of offences concerning their professional conduct by a judgment which has the force of res judicata; (i.e. against which no appeal is possible);
   c) they have not been declared guilty of grave professional misconduct proven by any means which E8 Secretariat can justify;
   d) they have fulfilled obligations related to the payments of social security contributions or the payment of taxes in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which they are established or with those countries where the contract is to be performed;
   e) they have not been the subject of a judgment which has the force of res judicata for fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organisation or any other illegal activity detrimental to the E8 Secretariat' financial interests; or they are not being currently subject to an administrative penalty.

3. The estimated period for completion of the work is 40 days spread over three months and therefore proposals must be designed with the above mentioned consideration.

4. Your Proposal must be presented as per Standard Proposal Forms attached as Annex 2 to this request for proposals, in the English language and be accompanied by copies of all the indicated supporting documents. If the supporting documents are not in English, these shall be accompanied by a certified translation into English.

5. Your proposal must be sent by email to in PDF and must be password protected. It must be clearly marked “REFERENCE NUMBER E8-CONS-001/2021. with “GLOBAL FUND GRANT PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT FOR MALARIA ELIMINATION INITIATIVE” in the subject line of the email.

6. The deadline for submission of your proposal, to the address indicated in Paragraph 5 above, is 21 January 2021 at 17:00 hours. The password should be sent on the Bid Closing Date, after 17:00 hours in a separate email to

Proposals submitted by E-mail are acceptable to the following address: provided the Proposal is in PDF format and password protected.

7. Your proposal will be evaluated against the Technical criteria in Annex 2.

8. Your proposal should be submitted as per the following instructions and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Standard Contract attached as Annex 3 to this Request for proposals.

The financial proposal shall be inclusive of all expenses deemed necessary by the Individual Consultant for the performance of the contract.

Proposals determined to be formally compliant to the requirements will be further evaluated technically.

A Proposal is considered compliant to the requirements if:
• It fulfils the formal requirements (see Paragraphs 2,3,4,5 and 6 above),
• The financial proposal does not exceed the proposed number of days available for the contract.

Your Proposal should be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of deadline for submission indicated in Paragraph 6 above.


i. The E8 Secretariat entity reserves the right to accept or reject any Proposal, and to annul the solicitation process and reject all Proposals at any time prior to award of contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Consultant or any obligation to inform the affected Consultant or Consultants of the grounds for the E8 Secretariat’s action.

Prior to expiration of the period of proposal validity, the E8 Secretariat will award the contract to the qualified Consultant whose Proposal after being evaluated is considered to be the most responsive to the needs of the organisation and activity concerned.

An interview with consultants may be held during evaluation process, if deemed necessary.

ii. E8 Secretariat’s reserves the right to vary requirements at time of award
The E8 Secretariat reserves the right at the time of award of contract to vary the quantity of services and goods specified in the request for proposals without any change in price or other terms and conditions.

iii. Signing of the contract
Within Five (5) days of receipt of the contract the successful Consultant shall sign and date the contract and return it to the E8 Secretariat.

10. Your proposal is received on the basis that you fully understand and accept these terms and conditions.

11. The assignment is expected to commence within seven (7) days from the signature of the Contract.

12. Additional requests for information and clarifications can be made until five (5) working days prior to deadline indicated in the paragraph 6 above, from:

The Procuring entity: SADC Malaria Elimination Eight Secretariat
Contact person: Mrs Chipo Chirefu-Toto, Head of Finance, Grants and Operations
Telephone: +264 61 242 849

Clarifications will be sent to all invited Consultants before the deadline for submission of the proposals.

To enable you to submit a proposal, please find attached the following documents:

Table of Contents

1.1 The Southern Africa Malaria Elimination 8 Background
3.1 Component 1: Grant application inclusive preparation:
3.2 Component 2: Revision of Malaria programmatic gap analysis:
3.3 Component 3: Development of Funding Proposal.
3.4 Component 4: Monitoring and Evaluation.
3.5 Component 5: Key Deliverables.

1.1 The Southern Africa Malaria Elimination 8 Background

The Southern Africa Malaria Elimination Eight (E8) is a coalition of eight countries (Botswana, Eswatini, Namibia, South Africa i.e. the frontline four and Angola, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe – second line four) working across national borders by supporting activities to eliminate malaria in southern Africa by 2030. As the malaria response arm of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), the E8 is pioneering an ambitious regional approach and driving collective action to end this deadly disease once and for all. Guided by the belief that countries are stronger when they work together, the E8 is building a model that will inform coordinated efforts to eliminate malaria in southern Africa and beyond.

The Southern African region has made great progress in decreasing its burden of malaria, but periodic outbreaks and cross-border importation pose threats to the achievement of eliminating malaria in the region. Following recent setbacks experienced by the eight sub-regional countries that threatened progress towards elimination, E8 embarked on a joint strategy to shrink the malaria map from the endemic margins, paving the way for regional malaria elimination and the member countries together have developed an E8 Regional Acceleration Plan for the 2018-2020 period that enhances a regional implementation plan modelled after the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Malaria Global Technical Strategy and informed by national and regional review processes to complement existing regional and national strategic plans. The strategy prioritises a focused set of approaches and activities that, with adequate funding, capacity and leadership supports the E8 in addressing challenges to achieving malaria elimination in southern Africa.


The Global Fund has set aside a portion of resources additional to country allocations, referred to as catalytic investments that address issues which cannot be adequately addressed by country allocations alone. In the 2020-2024 funding cycle, US$ 890 million of catalytic investments are available for three categories including multicounty allocations for targeting a limited number of critical, pre-defined strategic priorities in certain geographic regions, defined by the Global Fund Secretariat and approved by the Grants Approval Committee (GAC) and to be financed under catalytic modality one, matching funds available to selected countries to incentivize the investment of a country’s allocation in strategic priority areas and strategic initiatives allocated for centrally managed approaches to strategic areas that cannot be addressed through country allocations due to their innovative, unique or off-cycle nature.

The SADC Malaria Elimination Eight Secretariat (E8S) hereby requests for proposals for an external consultant/consultancy firm to take the E8S through the Global Fund consultations and proposal writing and submission for multi country proposal of up to 14 million US dollars for the next funding cycle. The external consultant/consultancy firm is required to support the E8S in the development of a differentiated funding proposal to apply for funding from the Global Fund to access resources for their malaria elimination programme. The consultant/consultancy firm will be expected to consult the Member States and stakeholders as necessary during the support period. The consultancy is expected to produce on behalf of the E8S staff, management and partners a winning, evidence and needs based grant proposal that demonstrates that an open and inclusive regional dialogue took place and that all relevant stakeholders were meaningfully engaged. The proposal submitted by the Consultancy to E8 should demonstrate compliance with the Regional Organization eligibility requirements and evidence for broad regional stakeholder consultation and involvement. Any necessary travel required for the consultant and E8 staff involved in the grant proposal will be arranged separately but the It is estimated that 40 working days over a period of three months will be needed for the consultant to complete the grant proposal development.


The purpose of the consultancy is to facilitate the development and submission of a consolidated of regional grant proposal that meets the criteria for a successful grant approval by Global Fund for the Global Fund 2020-2022 funding cycle

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the grant proposal development process to be led by the selected consultant will be to:
1) Ensure that the E8 grant proposal facilitates effective investment and use of Global Fund resources to achieve the highest impact in line with the Global Fund Strategy recognizing the need to balance the time spent developing and reviewing funding this request versus the time spent implementing it.
2) Ensure that the Grant proposal submitted to the Global Fund is based on realistic assessments of what is achievable in the timeframe proposed and on a solid understanding of the capacity of E8.
3) Ensure that the proposed activities and expected results are supported by a budget that will maximize impact of availed funds.
4) Ensure alignment of proposed activities with broader E8 member states national programmes and that they fit within Malarial Control and Elimination priorities, targets and contextual circumstances.
5) To ensure that proposed activities support regional implementation and comply with: (i) Multi-country proposal requirements; (ii) Regional Organization eligibility requirements (iii) Regional Dialogue requirements and (iv) Implementers requirements.
6) Ensure that the proposal includes a monitoring and evaluation plan that detects and resolves problems early, and facilitates timely and quality reporting of results in a way that demonstrates progress made in meeting the grant activity objectives.
7) Ensure that the funding requests are well designed and are reviewed effectively to help the Global Fund achieve maximum impact, in line with Global Fund’s 2017-2022 Strategy: Investing to End Epidemics (Global Fund Strategy)1 and efforts to strengthen impact in the 2020-2022 allocation period.


The scope of work for the Consultancy, among others includes the validation and confirmation of eligibility for funding and the endorsement by all member states by E8 legal representatives. Where possible, the Consultant must provide copies of the minutes of the CCMs meetings at which the respective CCMs agreed to endorse the multi-country funding proposal. The Consultant is required to lead, coordinate and manage the grant writing process in consultation and collaboration with the E8 secretariat, a process that will include undertaking at least the following tasks:

3.1 Component 1: Grant application inclusive preparation:

3.1.1 To conduct open and inclusive regional dialogue with all relevant stakeholders and engage them meaningfully to establish the regional coordination and harmonisation needs in the fight to eliminate malaria within the E8 Countries.
3.1.2 Demonstrate compliance with the Regional Organization eligibility requirements and evidence for broad regional stakeholder consultation and involvement. Review existing Regional Malaria elimination initiatives, strategies and policy requirements to establish gaps that fall under E8 mandate.
3.1.3 Include in the application, the validation and confirmation of eligibility for funding and the endorsement by all member states of E8 legal representatives.
3.1.4 Provide signed letters or correspondence from each member state included in the funding proposal from the CCM Chair (or Vice Chair), or signed letters of endorsement from Ministries of Health or national coordinating bodies confirming endorsement of this multi-country funding proposal.
3.1.5 To provide evidence that meaningful community engagement was ensured throughout the grant lifecycle including during the funding request processes, grant-making
3.1.6 Where possible, provide copies of the minutes of the CCMs meetings at which the respective CCMs agreed to endorse the multi-country funding proposal.

3.2 Component 2: Revision of Malaria programmatic gap analysis:

3.2.1 Review E8 Member country programme documentation (Strategic Plan; Operational Plan, Work plans; Gap analysis, M&E Plan; IEC/BCC plans, etc.) to establish gaps in the Malaria Initiatives that may be addressed through the E8 grant.
3.2.2 Review the mid review reports on past Regional grants to establish the key activities that can be included in the next funding proposals. These should be high impact activities on malaria elimination, activities that promote sustainability of malaria elimination initiatives at country level, such as health system strengthening needs.
3.2.3 Carry out comprehensive gap analysis for the request with partners clearly outlining the need for funding through the GF funding proposal.
3.2.4 Review existing support, through partnership mapping of current activities, resources and anticipated changes including all existing Global Fund malaria grants.
3.2.5 Prioritise strategies and interventions for inclusion in the GF funding proposal.
3.2.6 Ensure chosen strategies and interventions are technically sound, feasible to implement and will achieve sufficient impact.

3.3 Component 3: Development of Funding Proposal.

3.3.1 Prepare the Global Fund grant application package in consultation with the E8 Secretariat.
3.3.2 Submit a draft Funding Request alongside other relevant documents by 15 March 2021 for the Global Fund’s E8 Multi-Country Team’s initial review.
3.3.3 Submit a funding request for the Technical Review Panel (TRP) review by 30 April 2021.
3.3.4 To ensure that the application focuses on clear objective and measurable results.
3.3.5 To build a framework that makes a justification for E8 to increase SADC regional coverage with cost-effective interventions against Malaria.
3.3.6 Synthesize various application components including gap analysis, budget and a work plan. Edit application request, ensure uniform style and ensure all pieces are fully integrated into a comprehensive, high quality application.
3.3.7 Revise the application based on feedback received during the review process.
3.3.8 support the submission of the application to the CCM, with prepared discussion points to support the application.
3.3.9 Conduct a final review of the application to make sure that it is complete and of high quality.
3.3.10 Provide support to the country to address TRP or Global Fund Secretariat requests for clarifications (if relevant).
3.3.11 Write and submit a report to the RBM PCRSC outlining in detail the application development process and suggesting lessons for future support for application development.

3.4 Component 4: Monitoring and Evaluation.

3.4.1 To include in the application, clear indicators to measure progress made on key achievements/milestones of the programme to date and enhance the evidence-base for further supporting these programmes.
3.4.2 To include in the application, well-defined, measurable goals and objectives and outcomes (expected results) that address gaps and encourage accelerated impact against Malaria.
3.4.3 To provide a performance framework that captures measures using impact, outcome and coverage indicators recommended in the GF modular framework.
3.4.4 To assess the relevance of the indicators in relation to the activities supported by the programme and if they can be achieved and reported during the grant implementation period. The application allows for customized indicators in exceptional.
3.4.5 To select Work-plan Tracking Measures that allow monitoring of key outcomes (expected results and achievements) of the programme supported activities and help in enhancing the evidence-base for further supporting these programmes. Selection of work-plan tracking measures should be based on activities that constitute a high proportion of the grant budget and are critical in achieving the grant’s objectives.

3.5 Component 5: Key Deliverables.

i. Revised E8 regional malaria programmatic gap analysis by February 15th, 2021
ii. Draft application submission to the E8S by 15 March 2021
iii. Final application submission to Global Fund by 30 April 2021
iv. Final report to TRP analysing support for application development process including recommendations for improving future support to Regional Organisations
v. The Consultant is required to develop for submission by the E8S the following documents by the draft submission deadline for Technical Review Panel (TRP).
• Funding Request Form to be provided
• Performance Framework in the required format (to be generated from the Global Fund Operating System (GOS))
• Budget in the required format (to be generated from GOS)
• Prioritized Above Allocation Request (PAAR), to be generated from GOS).
• Implementation Arrangements Map
• Documents confirming the Applicant and Implementer Status
• RCM/RO Endorsement of Funding Request (attached)
• Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM)s Endorsement of Funding Request from participating countries
• RCM/RO Statement of Compliance (attached)
• Regional Strategic Plan (Health Sector and Disease specific)
• Health Product Management Tool (if applicable, available here, disease specific)
• List of Abbreviations and Annexes (attached)
• All completed supporting documents for the proposal including budget templates, performance frameworks, funding requests templates, RCM endorsements, approved signed RM statements of compliance and any other required documents identified during proposal writing.
vi. The E8S reserves the right to modify these terms of reference in agreement with the consultant to accommodate requirements and feedback from stakeholders received during the period leading to the submission of the proposal.


a) Academic
i. Advanced degree (Masters/Doctoral) in public health, epidemiology, neglected tropical diseases, social sciences, medicine, international development, or management, or a comparable advanced degree in a related field; knowledge of and experience with malaria programs required

b) Experience
ii. A minimum of 5 – 10 years of experience designing and implementing malaria programs in the SADC Region or other multi country region
iii. Demonstrate through documented experience capabilities of regional grant proposal development (preferably for Global Funds grant proposals).
iv. The consultant/consultancy firm is expected to have broad experience in working in the region on interventions, programs and initiatives implemented through multi-country coalitions.
v. Skills in strategic analysis; and funding proposal development and writing
vi. Knowledge of broader health policies and National Malaria Control and Elimination Programmes including Knowledge of the Roll Back Malaria Programmes
vii. Familiarity with Global Fund procedures and processes
viii. Ability to facilitate discussions between different stakeholders and foster consensus on difficult technical issues.
ix. English language fluency and ability to write clearly and concisely a requirement. Portuguese language fluency and ability to write clearly and concisely an added advantage.